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Talk about versatility, the SANREX SANMIG 200MF has it all! It operates on 120 and 208/240 voltages, and provides DC MIG, Stick and TIG welding outputs for use anywhere. Portable enough to take to the job site, yet with 200 Amps maximum output, it has the power your job demands. Perfect for auto repair and customization, training, schools, farms, ranches or any type of maintenance and repair. The SANMIG 200MF synergic control enables you to choose the best process for your application. The MIG process provides maximum productivity in the shop, while the Stick process works ideal outdoors and TIG is available for those welding applications that requires more precise control. There is no other machine like the SANMIG 200MF, it’s a “must have” powerhouse!

The 200MF includes a 120/240 vac adaptor, MIG and Stick package.

Part Number: IAU-W200MF-U1DV


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