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The SANREX SANARG 300AP is the top end high output, multi voltage, full digital control, AC/DC, Stick/Lift TIG/ HF TIG inverter power supply. Standard features include: High frequency start, lift TIG start, up/ down slope, pulse, repeat (latch) function, spot timer, job Save & Load, VRD and cellulose E6010 compatibility. This is the ultimate unit designed for precision TIG and Stick welding of all weldable materials. Superior, true square wave output combines with highly developed balance and cleaning features to deliver an unbeatable welding performance with extended tungsten life on aluminum and magnesium alloys without the need for continuous high frequency.

Simple Automation Interface for Fixed, hard and Robotic automation applications includes Remote Weld ON/OFF,  Remote Amperage Control, OK-to-Move Weld Arc ON signals.

Operates on 208-240 vac Single or Three phase, 460 vac three phase.

Part Number: IA-3000TP-U3E


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