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The SANREX SANMIG 400MP is a full multi process, multi voltage, digital control, DC, CC/CV, Pulse MIG/MIG/Stick/Lift TIG inverter power supply. Standard features include: Pulse MIG with 16 factory installed pulse programs, digital inductance control, lift TIG start, job Save & Load, VRD and cellulose E6010 compatibility. This is the ultimate unit designed for Pulse MIG, MIG, DC TIG and Stick welding.

Simple Automation Interface for Fixed, hard and Robotic automation applications includes Remote Weld ON/OFF,  Remote Amperage Control, OK-to-Move Weld Arc ON signals.

Operates on 208-240 vac Single or Three phase, 460 vac three phase.

Part Number: ID-4000CP-U1E


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